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Pampiraiki Warehouse

Pampiraiki started in 2015, when refugees from the islands started arriving at the Piraeus port in Athens. Their volunteers were present daily at the port to offer medical aid, food and clothes to refugees. Upon closure of the European borders, the port turned into an informal camp, in which thousands of refugees were trapped for months, during which Pampiraiki distributed aids.

Following the resettlement of the refugees residing at the port to official camps and other refugee accommodation facilities in Athens, Pampiraiki decided to centralize their efforts from a warehouse/distribution centre, where humanitarian aid from all over the world is received.

Pampiraiki processes and distributes the aid primarily to refugees, but also immigrants and homeless people of every nationality.

Pampiraiki warehouse provides basic food (not prepared meals), hygiene and baby care products to approximately 1600 refugees in the Athens area. They also support indirectly by supplying NGOs that distribute basic food to refugees, including FoodKIND, Velos, Khora, Hestia and STEP based on request and availability of supplies. Additionally, Pampiraiki provides clothes, shoes, hygiene items, baby care products to refugees in Greece. This includes the Athens area, mainland Greece and the islands. The distribution is triggered by requests or previous agreements with groups or individuals helping them. This includes groups like CESRT, FEOX, Because We Carry, Flying Help and more.

Their general objective is to help cover the needs failed to be met by big NGOs or local charities that provide to refugees in camps and other facilities.

Proceeds from our shows will partly go towards buying urgently needed supplies to be distributed by the Pampiraiki. Come to our next comedy show to raise funds for relief aid. To donate directly to this project, click 

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