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Our Vision

Laugh 4 Change comedy shows will be organized with multiple purposes in mind.


Specific provisional needs of refugees in Greek camps across will be covered including but not limited to clothes, hygiene products, food, education. The needs will be assessed by collaborating local charities currently at the hotspots of Europe. These charities will receive the provisions and make the distributions at the camps. The local charities will get recognition through our social media platforms and we believe that this will increase awareness of the work done by local charities on site. 

The need for psychological help resulting from years of living in war, dangerous trips across borders, and finally detainment under substandard conditions with a lack of security is severe. Laugh 4 Change will offer financial support to mental health specialists with a focus on trauma and PTSD, who are willing to spend a minimum of 3 months working with refugees in the camps. 


News agencies no longer cover the hardship refugees are subject to in our backyards. We intend to increase awareness of the substandard conditions that refugees are living in by keeping refugee action relevant until sustainable, long-term solutions have been established by government agencies and policy-makers.

Laughter and comedy is an excellent tool to combat depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. We intend to organize shows, mainly at higher education institutions in the hope of creating a positive impact on the mental health and welfare of students, since more than 15.000 UK-based first-year students disclosed mental health in 2016 according to Institute of Public Policy Research. 

Up-and-coming comedians on the circuit get a platform to showcase their talents. Laugh 4 Change supports live comedy and the performing arts.


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