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Our Approach

We're in a continuous conversation with local charities working at the camps to provide refugees with basic provisions, education and medical aid. This informs us of the needs we should focus on at any given time. 


Our webpage displays the causes we are focusing on at the moment. We organize stand-up comedy fundraisers primarily in Cambridge and London. The proceeds from each show will go to both the causes mentioned on our webpage and to aid mental health specialists in their work with refugees in need of therapy. 


Private donors can choose to donate on the webpage directly to the provisional causes, to our mental health specialist support program or to Laugh 4 Change specifically to keep the organization alive. 

The proceeds of the shows and your donations allocated for provisional items for refugees will be used to pay a local vendor in either Chios or Athens, Greece. The NGOs we work with on site will collect the products and distribute as necessary. This allows us to keep transparent records of used donations as well as support the local vendors in Greece. 

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