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laugh 4 Change 


Chios People's Kitchen

Since 2016, CPK has been serving daily meals to 1000-1500 refugees living in the Souda Camp, Chios. After closure of the Souda Camp, the refugee population of Chios has been forced to live in the dangerously overcrowded and inhumane Vial Camp. The food rations served by the army at the Vial Camp are barely edible, rancid and not nutritious.

CPK distributes dry food packs to refugees allowing them to cook their own meals. Food packs typically consist of: rice, pasta, beans, chickpeas, tomato sauce, oil, canned soup, canned vegetables, sugar and tea. The kitchen distributes around 800 such packs monthly.

One food pack costs £14 and serves a family of 4 for 3-4 days. 
Proceeds from Laugh 4 Change Comedy Fundraisers will partly go towards buying food packs to be distributed by CPK. 

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