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Laugh 4 Change is a charitable unincorporated association that organizes comedy shows across the UK to raise funds for relief aid for refugees living in camps across mainly Europe. 


Since 2016, an estimated 540.000 refugees and migrants arrived in Europe according to UNHCR risking their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea. However, their pursuit of safety and security did not end upon entering Europe. The detainment of refugees in European countries that lack the necessary resources to accommodate this crisis has created overcrowded camps with a lack of security and necessary psychosocial support. The funding shortage resulting from the decision of the European Commission’s humanitarian division (ECHO) has led several high-profile non-governmental organization (NGOs) to withdraw from “hotspot” areas in Greece and has had a substantial effect on the distribution of food, clothes, child protection services, education and medical aid. 

Local grassroots on the ground has been left with all the responsibility and none of the means to meet the basic needs of refugees. Laugh 4 Change supports the work done by individuals and small non-profits. 

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